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Ariko Reserv OÜ services privacy notice

These personal data protection principles state how and why Ariko Reserv OÜ (hereinafter Ariko Reserv) collects, processes and shares personal data. The conditions are based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR). Their purpose is to protect the privacy of the data subject in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the European Union and the principles of good data protection practice.
Ariko Reserv handles personal data for the purpose of providing recruitment services to third parties, Ariko Reservi customers.

The privacy policy is valid from 14.10.2020

1. Definitions used
1.1. Personal data is data on the basis of which a private person can be directly or indirectly identified on the basis of various identification features (name, personal identification code, location information, etc.), including the establishment of his or her characteristics, relations and affiliation.
1.2. Data processing is the collection, storage, use or other activity of personal data for a specific purpose.
1.3. A candidate or data subject is a private person in a recruitment project who transmits his or her own data or whose data Ariko Reserv finds suitable for its customer's company in the recruitment project.
1.4. A survey respondent or data subject is an employee of the Ariko Reserv’s customer company or a temporary worker for the client company  in a survey project who transmits his or her data to Ariko Reserv, or whose name and necessary contact data (as phone nr, e-mail address or similar) is transmitted to Ariko Reserv with consent to researcher exlusively for conducting the survey.
1.5. Assignment agreement is an agreement entered into force between Ariko Reserv and a customer company for the provision of recruitment and/or survey services (hereinafter the agreement).
1.6. The Data Bank is a computer system managed by Ariko Reservi containing personal data of candidates of recruitment services only, upon joining which suitable candidates are informed about personnel search competitions conducted on the basis of Ariko Reservi's customer agreements.

2. Processing of personal data
2.1 The processing of personal data of survey projects’ subjects is based on restricted employee lists given to consultanvy Ariko Reserv by its customer according to research or survey Agreement.
2.2. The data shared with Ariko Reserv consultants during survey projects will be processed only during the assignment and will be deleted in 6 months after the survey results are shared with customer.
2.3. The processing of personal data of recruitment projects candidates is based on the free will of the candidates for the purpose of finding a new job during a certain period of time.
2.4. The data shared in the Ariko Reserv Databank will be processed during an agreed period of time of 36 months, during which Ariko Reserv may make job offers according to the data provided to it. By joining the database, the candidate consents to the processing of his / her data in accordance with these privacy conditions.
2.5. Ariko Reserv collects only data that is necessary due to Estonian and European Union laws and concluded customer agreements, or are important for assessing the candidate's suitability for various recruitment projects carried out by Ariko Reserv or for a specific position for which he / she is applying. Ariko Reserv must process the candidate's personal data in order to perform the necessary actions before concluding an employment contract between the candidate and the party to the client agreement.
2.6. Ariko Reserv collects personal data mainly from the person himself or herself when he or she joins the Ariko Reserve Data Bank or applies for a published job advertisement. When applying for a job advertisement, Ariko Reserv collects additional data about the data subject from public databases in order to perform a background survey. In addition, Ariko Reserv collects data from third party sources to the extent permitted by law, if this is necessary to assess the suitability of the data subject for a particular position.
2.7. Ariko Reserv may collect personal data from the following sources, for example:
• professional social networks (eg LinkedIn)
• Referrers nominated by the data subject
• Authorities involved in background checks
• providers of personality or aptitude tests
• job portal databases and other public databases
Ariko Reserv may also collect other data that has been disclosed by the data subject (for example, on social media or during a job interview).
2.8. Ariko Reserv collects and processes various personal data for the purposes set out in the agreement, which the data subject submits via e-mail or online application systems. This information may include name, email address, telephone number, address, date of birth, personal website, photo, current employer, education, work experience, language skills, IT skills, possible date of employment, salary request, work permit documents or other information relevant to applying for the position.
2.9. Ariko Reserv expects that when sharing their data in the recruitment process or joining Ariko Reserv Databank, candidates will only provide relevant and truthful data that will allow them to make informed decisions about their suitability for recruitment projects under the client agreement.

3. Processers of personal data
3.1. Personal data will only be processed by those who assess the jobseeker's application or process the data for the provision of recruitment support services. Upon receipt of the candidate's data, they are managed by a recruitment consultant, who assesses the data subject's suitability for various recruitment projects Ariko Reserv for 36 months and communicates with the candidate during the recruitment process both by e-mail and telephone.
3.2. The personal data of the successful candidates will be passed on to the client who has ordered the recruitment service in order to complete the recruitment process for the position for which the candidate applied. Candidates' data may also be passed on to third parties, who will carry out additional aptitude tests or background checks as part of the recruitment process. In this case, only relevant and necessary information about the candidate (eg his name and contact details, personal identification number for background checks) will be provided to third parties. The candidates will be informed of the background check and their consent will be sought. The candidate's data may also be disclosed to the relevant authorities on the basis of a legal obligation, if required by law from Ariko Reserve.
3.3. The candidate's personal data will not generally be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. This is only done if the position for which the data subject is applying is offered by a company whose recruitment decisions are located outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. In this case, the candidate's personal data will be managed in accordance with the applicable legislation. The candidate's personal data may be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area only if the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are met.

4. Retention and security of personal data
4.1. Ariko Reserv retains the candidate's personal data until the end of the contractual period of the recruitment process or with the consent of the data subject for 36 months from the moment of receipt of the data. The candidate has the opportunity to give the respective consent when applying for a position or joining the Data Bank. Candidates who have agreed to the retention of their data will be notified of other job offers from Ariko Reservi during this period, depending on the candidate's suitability for the position offered. At the end of the respective period, personal data will be deleted from both the Ariko Reserv Data Bank and communication channels (Outlook, recruiter's mobile phone). Paper CVs are destroyed in a collection box or in a paper wolf in the Ariko Reserv office. If the candidate proves to be successful in the recruitment process, his / her personal data will be managed during the term of the employment relationship in accordance with the conditions of processing the personal data of Ariko Reservi's client employees.
4.2. Ariko Reserv takes all reasonable and appropriate measures to protect the personal data it manages. Only authorized persons have access to and the possibility to process personal data. The personal data of all data subjects are treated as confidential information.

5. Rights of the data subject
5.1. The candidate has the right at any time to request access to the data concerning him / her (right to inspect), to correct them (right to correct the data), to supplement them or to delete them by law (right to be forgotten). The data subject has the right to receive information on whether and how Ariko Reserv processes his personal data and who has access to them. In order to exercise their rights, the data subject must send a corresponding request to the e-mail address
5.2. If the data subject thinks that Ariko Reserv has violated his or her rights in the processing of personal data, regardless of the principles described in these terms and conditions of the recruitment service, he or she has the right to apply to the Data Protection Inspectorate.

6. Changes to the Privacy Policy
6.1. Ariko Reserv reserves the right to change the privacy terms unilaterally and without prior notice in order to ensure their compliance with personal data protection laws and the principles of good data protection practice.
6.2. The Privacy Policy is always available in its latest form on the Ariko Reservi website.

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