Assessment of competencies

Organisations are trying to lessen the risks of bad personnel selection and wrong promotion decisions trying to ensure that individual’s efforts meet the organisation’s goals. Assessment enables to get thorough information about candidates’ and employees personality, behaviour, working style  enabling to complement information aquired by interview.
We offer competences’ assessment as part of personnel selection as well as for mapping individual’s or organisation’s development potential and need. It is an important tool for planning human resources, supporting talent management program and assessing management.

The result of assessment is analysis of the personality characteristics, behavioural patterns, general abilities, team work skills and other characteristics that correspond to the purpose of assessment and are assessed against expected competences.

• We create a competences list that forms basis for assessment
• We select appropriate assessment methods- tests, questionnaires, interview form, etc and carry out assessment
• We compose an analysis of the assessed competences and characteristics in comperison with the initial task

Our methods include different kind of interviews, original, adapted and normed questionnaires and tests, essays, group works and other tasks.

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